The Casino Bonus

Advantages of Casino Bonus Match Offers

For anyone playing at an online casino, bonus match offers will soon become a very familiar sight. These match the amount that you deposit by 100%, 75% or another percentage. Often, they are 125% or more! As you can imagine, they help to fatten your account and imporve your chances of winning too. Learn what their benefits are, so you can get the most out of them.

Check the T’s and C’s

Before we start explaining all the advantages of these deals to you, let us give you a quick word of caution. Remember that, ultimately, any casino bonus is a way for the establishment to make money. That means that they usually come with a few strings attached. They can still be very beneficial, but you should always check the terms and conditions before signing up for anything. You need to be sure they are agreeable to you.

If the online match offers specify that you use the extra funds on particular games, they need to be titles you are happy to play. You should also check that a promotion will not expire before you've had a chance to make use of it.

Very importantly, always find out exactly what the playthrough requirements are. These stipulate how many times you need to bet your casino bonus amount before you are allowed to cash it out. A playthrough requirement of x40, for example, means you'll need to bet $4,000 before you can cash out $100.

This protects the site, stopping people from signing up, claiming online casino deposit match offers and then leaving without spending any money. You need to resist the temptation to bet your winnings away before you are allowed to withdraw them.

Keep Your Winnings

You may also find no-deposit bonuses at the sites that we recommend. These can be awarded for all the same reasons as a casino match offer. They are different because you don't need to put any money into your account before you are able to claim them. In both cases, you get to keep whatever you win.

Larger Bonus Amounts

Since you are getting a percentage of whatever you put into your account, these deals often give you more funds than if the casino bonus is a fixed amount. They are usually still capped, but the limit will  get you a larger sum. This is especially useful for high rollers, who usually want to place very substantial wagers.

Claiming Free Spins

Often, there are Free Spins attached to online casino deposit match offers. These are also activated when you make your deposit, but they don't take any of your funds. That means you really get to spin for free! Once again, you'll be credited with all your takings.

Wider Gaming Options

We mentioned that you might be required to use your casino match offer on specific games, but your range of options is often larger than with no-deposit bonuses. More choice is always great, and means you'll get to enjoy your time online as much as possible.

A Winning Reward

As long as you remember to manage your funds carefully, using online match offers essentially means you get to play for free. This means you can try out different Poker or Blackjack strategies, as well as various betting plans for Roulette, Baccarat and other games.

Gaming this way also means you can play for longer, without spending more money. You get to stay within your budget as you enjoy yourself, polish your strategy, and keep whatever you happen to win. Approach all rewards and promotional deals with this attitude, and they will always be beneficial.