The Casino Bonus

Bonus Spins Versus Free Spins Offers

One of the major perks of gambling online is being able to access and fully utilise the rewards, promotions and incentives on offer. All top-rated sites offer rewards in some form or another, whether they are cash-match offers, free spins, or a combination of the two. For anyone just starting out though, it can be a bit confusing differentiation between bonus and free spins offers, and the standard welcome offer. The good news is that they are all related and can be easily explained.

If you are thinking of signing up with a new site and want to get the most value possible, this is what you need to know:

Bonus Spins

It is important to note that free and bonus spins are essentially the same thing. They both give you a chance to play and win on selected slots games hosted by the casino. The main difference comes in with the amount given, how they are given, and the terms and conditions attached.

Bonus spins offers are usually attached to a main cash match offer and or welcome promotion. You can think of them as an extra add-on incentive, just to sweeten the pot. Instead of just getting a 100% match up to $200, some sites will throw in 20 spins on the latest slot they are trying to promote.

Although you only get about 10 or 20 turns to use, they generally don’t have any rollover requirements attached. As long as you clear your initial requirements (based on your cash amount), your reward can be used as and when needed without having to clear those too. It’s like having a second, mini casino bonus specifically for slots.

The main restriction is the type of game you can play and the bet level. Usually, the bet level is set at minimum so that you don’t win too much. It is important to note that not all sites offer this type of reward. Some offer them only when you reload your account on certain days of the week.

Free Spins Offers

Some casinos offer players a choice of the standard cash match on first deposit, or the online casino free spins offer. They specifically separate the two, making it more enticing for slots enthusiasts to go for a reward that suits them, while card and table enthusiasts can take the cash match offer. As mentioned above, there is really no difference with how these rewards are used. They are also given as an incentive and must be used on specific slots where the bet level is set on minimum.

The biggest difference here is the number of spins awarded. Instead of getting just 10 or 20, you can get up to 300, which is a seriously good amount, considering any single turn can potentially make you very wealthy. The downside is that this counts as your bonus, and is subject to the standards terms and conditions and rollover requirements. Instead of being attached to your bonus amount, the rollover requirements are linked to the amount won with the free spins offers.

For example, if you get 200 and use every single one and end up with a zero balance, you have no restrictions to clear. However, if you use your 200 and win $400, then this is the amount linked to your rollover restrictions. With some sites this can be as high as 30x, which means you have to wager 30x $400 or $12 000 in real money wagers before you can cash out your winnings.

Whatever promotional deal you opt for, always read the small print and make sure that you get the best value when playing the games you love!