The Casino Bonus

Advantages and Disadvantage of Lapsed Casino Bonuses

One of the biggest perks of playing online is being eligible for cash match offers and casino bonuses. If you follow the terms and conditions and complete the requirements as per the layout, match offers can be quite lucrative. However, not all sites have the same terms and conditions and sometimes your bonus lapses before you can complete your requirements. In such cases you lose your reward altogether. This can either be a good or bad thing, depending on how you look at it.

Why Bonuses Laps

If you find yourself with a lapsed online casino bonus, chances are you failed to read the fine print of the terms and conditions. Somewhere in the text you will find a sentence or two explaining that the reward is only valid for a specific period of time. In order to “keep” your incentive and subsequent winnings, you must complete all the wagering requirements as stipulated. This usually means wagering up to 30x the awarded amount within a 30-day period. Some establishments have a much shorter time period in which to complete these requirements, which is why players may not realise they have run out of time.

The Disadvantages

It’s not difficult to figure out what the disadvantages are of losing your casino bonus. If you made a deposit of $400 and your reward amount is $400 then by allowing it to expire, you are handing back the cash without getting anything in return. You also lose any free spins that are still waiting to be used. The disadvantage of lapsed match offers doesn’t end there.

If you were lucky enough to score big on the slots, you might find you have a healthy balance of $3000 or $4000. If you were not quick enough to get through your playthrough requirements in the required time, the site has the right to pull your reward amount, plus all the winnings you made with it. Your bankroll will reset to zero and in some cases, you are still required to complete your wagering requirements before you can start making any withdrawals.

The Advantages

It may seem counterproductive, but there are some advantages to lapsed online casino free spins and match promotions. While it is not always the case, some sites remove your wagering restrictions as soon as any incentive or promotion has expired. While you may lose your reward and any winnings you might have accrued, you also lose your restrictions.

One of the main restrictions when a casino bonus is in effect is the individual wagering limit. In most cases you are limited to placing wagers of $9 or less per game, and you are steered towards the games with a higher house edge since they get through your restrictions quicker.

If a promotion has expired, your restrictions are removed, you are free to play whatever game you like with regular betting limits. If you do win, you can then withdraw any of your winnings straight away without having to worry about completing any restrictions.

What to Look out For

It is important to note that all gaming sites have different restrictions on a lapsed online casino bonus. While some remove your reward entirely and clear your wagering requirements, others simply remove it, while leaving your requirements in place. In such cases, there are no advantages whatsoever to allowing for expiration. Before signing up with any site, always read the terms and conditions on what will happen if you have lapsed online casino bonus and how many days you have to clear your wagering requirements. That way, you can ensure you always get a great deal.