The Casino Bonus

Bonus Credits vs Cash Credits

What to look for in bonusesIf you’re a fan of online gaming, chances are you know the difference between cash and casino credits (also known as bonus credits). But for players looking to make the move from land-based establishments to online casinos, these terms might be fairly new. A huge pull factor that results in betting enthusiasts making the shift from brick-and-mortar casinos to online hubs, is the variety of bonus offers given to online casino players. These credits are basically the casino’s way of incentivising players for wagering and playing regularly. Generally, as your activity at online establishments increase, so too will the amount of bonus offers, given in the form of promotional deals. That being said, what exactly is the difference between bonuses and cash credits? Well, cash credits refer to all cash deposits made by a player to their individual casino account. Once a deposit is successful, the amount deposited will reflect as cash credits in the player’s account, and can be used to place bets or play casino games. Bonus credits, on the hand, refer to credits extended by the casino to the player. These funds are usually subject to playthrough requirements, the amount of which is determined by the online casino. But, we’ll take a closer look at playthrough requirements later, for now, let’s look at some perks of playing with bonus funds.

The Perks of Playing with Bonus Funds

One of the biggest, and probably the most obvious benefit of playing with bonus funds is the fact that you’re able to extend your gaming time, and also save on some cash. Generally, bonuses range from match offers to free casino credits. Match offers refer to a bonus incentive given to you for depositing, while free casino credits are given to you without the pre-requirement of having to make a deposit. These free credits come in handy on days when you might be low on cash. Another perk of playing with bonus funds, is that you can use it to test some new games that you usually wouldn’t play, without feeling like you’re wasting your own cash credits. If you’re not usually a player who plays with bonus funds, then a safer bet would probably low percentage match bonuses, as the wagering requirements of these are usually lower, making it easy for you to cash out if, or when, you have a win.

The Amount of Bonuses Issued at Online Casinos

The amount of bonuses offered at online destinations differs, depending on the reputation of the establishment in question. Longstanding online casinos generally offer greater bonuses and promotional offers, as they have teams dedicated to giving players the best rewards. Most online casinos have a structured welcome package, given to all new real money account holders as an incentive for registering a new account. In addition, players can also expect daily promotional offers, and a Loyalty Programme, which gives you the opportunity to accumulate points, based on your wagering activity. The premise of this programme is the same at most online destinations, and once a player has acquired the minimum amount of points, they can be redeemed for casino bonus credits.

What are Wagering Requirements?

When a player receives a bonus from an online casino, there are generally playthrough requirements, or wagering requirements attached to the bonus. This refers to an amount that players need to bet or wager, before a withdrawal can be initiated. Wagering requirements can start at anything from 10x to 50x. For example, if you receive a bonus of 10 with wagering requirements of 50x, you would have to wager 500 before you would fulfil your wagering requirements. Some players prefer playing with cash credits, as they do not wish to be tied down by wagering requirements. Others, however, do not mind it, and actually enjoy the process of fulfilling wagering requirements, as it grants them more playing time. The higher the bonus amount received, the higher the playthrough requirements. It is therefore always advisable that players go for low bonus amounts with low wagering requirements, to ensure that they are not forced to comply with steep wagering requirements. Always be sure to enquire about the wagering requirements at a casino before registering an account. 

The Pros and Cons of Bonuses

While casino bonuses are popular amongst online players, there are certain pros and cons to playing with these funds. These are listed below:



Common Bonus Terms and Conditions

Before accepting an online casino bonus, it is vital that you understand the terms and conditions that are attached to the bonus. These terms and conditions are generally the same at most online establishments, however, the wording might slightly vary. Here are a few bonus terms to look out for:

The above is just a guideline of general bonus terms at online casinos, it is however, always advisable to educate yourself about the bonus terms of an online establishment before registering an account.

Match Percentages

Match percentages refer to bonuses that require a deposit before the bonus amount is credited. The amount of the bonus that you’re eligible for depends on the percentage of the match bonus on offer. The best casino match bonus deals are those that are higher than 100%, as they basically give you your deposit back as a bonus, allowing you the opportunity to double your money.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve been thinking about registering an online casino account, but have been sceptical about casino bonus offers, then we’re pretty sure that this guide has provided you with all that there is to know about these lucrative offers. While online casino  bonuses are not for everyone, there are a lot of benefits of playing with them, and very often, the pros outweigh the cons.