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The casino industry has grown dramatically in the last two decades, and whether it is online, mobile or land-based, there is always something happening. Changes are always a foot, and mergers, acquisitions, new game releases and so much more happen on a regular basis.

There are numerous sites that publish casino news, but not all of them offer a well-rounded overview of what is happening in the industry, both locally and globally. That’s where we are different. Our casino news is well researched and accurate, and it’s always honest. We are outspoken about the facts, and whether they are good or bad, we make them known.

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Anything that happens in the casino industry can affect your playing experience, either directly or indirectly. New laws may be brought to the fore, technological advancements may occur, or new games and bonuses may be offered.

Staying in touch with what’s happening will see you get the most of your gaming, and you can get all the breaking news here. We cover every facet of gambling, from the economics to the biggest winners, and will keep you up to date with the latest developments at all times.

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In addition to bringing you all the best casinos and bonuses, we also ensure you know what’s hot, what’s trending and where to play if you want the richest rewards. Our casino news wouldn’t be complete without us publishing regular stories on the greatest new promotions and rewards that are up for grabs.

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Inspired Entertainment Suffers Q4 Losses

Irving Hayes - 18 Feb 2019

Inspired Entertainment Suffers Q4 Losses
Inspired Entertainment has released a disappointing fourth quarter report. The UK-based company has reported a revenue decrease and losses. The final quarter's revenue decreased from $31.4 million in Weiterlesen

QTech Games Seeks Independent Partners

Irving Hayes - 11 Feb 2019

QTech Games Seeks Independent Partners
The age of the rise of the independent games software development studio has dawned. But often, funding proves to be a major stumbling block, as the expen Weiterlesen

Rank Group Not Crippled By Lower Revenue

Irving Hayes - 06 Feb 2019

Rank Group Not Crippled By Lower Revenue
The UK-headquartered Rank Group owns some of the country’s most popular casino and Bingo retail outlets. This appears to be a superbly positive statement. But all is not how it appears to be; ju Weiterlesen

2019 Global Gaming Awards Shortlist Announced

Irving Hayes - 29 Jan 2019

2019 Global Gaming Awards Shortlist Announced
The shortlist for the Global Gaming Awards London 2019 has been released. The nominees in the 16 different categories will find out who the winners are when the prestigious event takes place at the Hi Weiterlesen