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Alexa’s New Sports Betting Feature

Irving Hayes - 16 Aug 2018

Amazon Alexa Skill Independent Content Services (ICS) has launched Amazon Alexa Skill. The sports betting feature is intended to help with placing successful wagers, and has been released in time for the 2018 Premier League season. The product has been released under the ICS ClubCall brand, and all users need to do to activate it is say “Open ClubCall”.

ICS: Content, Media Specialist

Independent Content Services is an international company with operations in several countries. Operating in 65 languages, ICS supplies audio and written content to numerous businesses and organisations.

The need for customised media to strengthen brand relations is growing exponentially, leaving ICS in the enviable position of continued expansion. Providing Amazon Alexa Skill to cater to the needs of bettors and make them more likely to use services, is a perfect use of ICS resources.

What Amazon Alexa Skill Can Do

This new product will bring bettors all the latest news and updates on leagues, players and teams. During matches, key events will also be broadcast over audio blasts. This will provide anyone who is interested in putting money on a game with the latest data, so that they can make informed decisions.

This is not the first time Amazon Alexa has been linked with sports betting platforms. In 2017 bookmaker giant Paddy Power experimented with similar innovations. However, the ICS development is the first concrete step in making products like this available to the public, helping to simplify the staking process more than ever.

Excitement Over Alexa Skill

According to ICS Director Ian Holding, the ClubCall Alexa Skill platform was well-received during its Beta testing. He adds that his company is looking forward to rolling the product out, and intends to partner with online sportsbooks and other enterprises in the coming months.

Holding adds that Amazon Alexa and similar voice services are growing more popular in households around the world, because they allow meaningful content to be easily accessed. As the digital world becomes more integrated with our physical reality, this is what we expect from our devices.

With Alexa Skill, people are able to sit back and relax while they get up-to-date information -with no need to hunch over a screen. The imminent public launch of the product will make ClubCall Alexa Skill available to the online betting community at large, and will show whether or not Holding’s positive predictions are true.