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ICE Gaming Debuts in South Africa

Irving Hayes - 18 Oct 2018

ICE Gaming Debuts in South AfricaIt’s official: ICE Gaming has a date with the African continent. The inaugural ICE Africa convention will take place on 24 and 25 October and will be made to feel right at home at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. Massive support has been shown for the event coming to Africa, and from all corners of the globe. Representatives from a total of 91 countries are expected to be in attendance, and 90% of the venue’s capacity has been sold out. This with a little more than a week left to go.

ICE Africa is expected to play a deciding role in shaping the future of gaming on the continent. To bring the event to Africa has been a vision of many; one that is finally coming to fruition.

It's What The Industry Wants

Dan Stone, Senior Marketing Manager at event organiser Clarion, explains that the decision to bring the world-class event to South Africa, was made as a direct result of industry demands. African players in the ever-growing industry wanted something of their own that they could be proud of. This is the vision that Clarion ran with, and the Stone is confident that the company will deliver above and beyond expectation.

Stone says that there has been no shortage of encouragement. Industry role-players have lobbied together to offer support; prominent role-players including Merkur, Playtech Sports, Quanta, Aruze Gaming, and many more.

Representatives of 91 countries will be in attendance – countries like Botswana, Nigeria, Chad, Morocco, Tanzania, and Egypt; to name but a few.

Opportunity To Network And Learn

As far as the event itself is concerned, a wide range of topics will be covered over the course of the two days. The prime focus will be on learning and development as well as workshops exploring the various possibilities for the industry within the African context.

Opportunities to network and form new partnerships with businesses from all over the world will be made possible by the network AFRICA segment. A wide range of industry-relevant topics will be covered, including mobile gaming, local as well as international regulations, lottery services, and many more.