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Microgaming Launches Cash Of Kingdoms Slot

Irving Hayes - 11 Oct 2018

New Cash Of Kingdoms SlotNot surprisingly, Microgaming was one of the first major development corporations to have realised the value of the hidden gem that is the independent design studio. The developer’s latest creation, an online slot called Cash of Kingdoms, is the creation of Slingshot Studios, an independent developer creating content exclusively for Microgaming.

The game has already gone live at a number of online casinos and is a solid mix between modern meets classic cartoon style. A brand-new Invading Wilds feature has been incorporated into the slots inner workings and players have already taken to community forums to express their glee regarding the fun new game.

The theme is medieval and on the reels appear everything from swords to wizards to treasure chests. If they have managed to get a single element of design perfectly right, then it must be said that Slingshot has excelled at showcasing the general theme in a new and creative way.

A New Way Of Creating Content

Microgaming announced their intention of working with a number of independent studios in February of this year. The idea is to bring a new generation of creatives into the iGaming landscape.

Players often bemoan the fact that themes are being done to death and that new content isn’t ever really new as ideas are mostly based on existing ideas. The strategy of bringing independent studios into the mix is a brilliant solution to the conundrum, and one that really offers the simplest way out of the increased boredom experienced by customers.

Independent design studios have not, as is sadly the case with many mainstream companies, fallen into the typical industry pitfalls of trying to stick with proven ideas in an attempt to “stick with what works”.

The Secret Is A Passion For Games

Slingshot Studios is the third independent studio to have been appointed by Microgaming for the creation of fresh new slots content. In February, the company introduced the iGaming world to Triple Edge Studios, followed by Stormcraft Studios in June. And now its Slingshot Studios’ turn to wow the industry.

Creative Director at Slingshot Studios, Richard Vermaak, says that it all comes down to a passion for building the games that people love to play. Cash of Kingdoms is the very first project that has been launched in partnership with Microgaming, but Vermaak has said that he is confident that there will be many more to follow.