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Nektan Revenue Finally On The Rise

Irving Hayes - 10 Apr 2019

Nektan global gaming platform Indications are that games and games platform supplier Nektan has finally broken free from the restricted revenue bonds that taunted it over the course of the last year or two. The supplier recently released its financial projections for Q4, and things are looking to finally err on the side of the up and up after a less than pleasing Q3. 

But, with that having been said, Q3 wasn’t exactly a complete waste of time. The supplier did after all manage to rake in 5.9% more revenue that what it did during the third quarter of 2018. A year-on-year improvement is most of what any business can bargain on and relying on this type of long-term comparison provides a more sound analysis than does comparing any one quarter with the previous.

Challenges Hampered Growth

Nektan did in fact report a 15.6% decline when Q3 is compared with Q2 of the current year, but much of that can be explained by considering current global market tendencies and challenges.

Factors such as increasingly more unforgiving UK regulations, seasonal fluctuations and even Britain’s struggles in its quest to divorce itself from its marriage with the EU without completely selling itself short, have all played a major role, each to its own extent. The supplier says that these issues impacted especially its white label B2C operation. B2C revenue was hard hit and experienced an overall 17.7% year on year decline.

On the upside, 10 new white label customers signed up with Nektan during Q3, which is part of the reason for the more favourable projections when looking ahead to the final quarter of the current financial year. As it stands at the moment, the supplier now serves a total of 152 live operator sites.

Times Have Changed For The Better

Chief Executive Lucy Buckley is confident that the new wave of business will ensure that the company’s recent history of downsized revenue will not be repeated any time soon. B2B too, has enjoyed its own influx of new customers, with a total of 7 new B2B partners having recently signed on for business and services to be supplied by Nektan.

All in all, every day is another opportunity to grow, and Nektan has been doing a lot of exactly that of late.