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QTech Games Seeks Independent Partners

Irving Hayes - 11 Feb 2019

Qtech software news The age of the rise of the independent games software development studio has dawned. But often, funding proves to be a major stumbling block, as the expenses associated with development, licensing and marketing can be mammoth, to say the least. Partnerships are a great way to get around this particular hiccup, and that is exactly what the Manila-based independent studio games supplier QTech Games is looking for partners.

In order to aid in the search for suitable support, QTech Games recently founded a global gaming studio group that will act as the official entity driving the partnership initiative. GameFactory has already raised $3 million just by going about its business, but now hopes to attract the interest and investments of more partners to enable QTech Games to continue to do what it does best: the development of top-notch, against-the-grain, independent games content.

A Fully-Fledged Support Structure

GameFactory will in return, function as a support-hub, offering distribution services as well as the use of its compliance and regulatory framework in the UK as well as greater-Europe. In addition to this, it will also act as a centralised sales platform, complete with a full-function support infrastructure.

The aim is to eventually form a conglomerate consisting of 10 to 15 up and coming new independent developers, so that the collective may gain a fighting chance of competing with industry giants such as NetEnt and Playtech. QTech Games CEO Marcus Nasholm explains that there was a time when industry-giants the likes of Microgaming, NetEnt and Playtech drove the booming monopoly ever forward, and that smaller independent developers had not even the smallest of hopes to ever catch up, let alone compete.

But according to Nasholm, those days may be drawing to a close.

Meeting The Needs Of The Many

The industry now consists of the major industry leaders, as well as hundreds of smaller, independent development studios. According to the visionary chief in charge, QTech’s vision has always been that no amount of genuine talent, however small, should ever be overlooked. But the challenges are many, and standing alone has never benefited anyone.

GameFactory is very much a response to that particular need.