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Licensing in Online Casinos

Licensing in online casinos is an important topic, and one that we all need to know about so that we can steer clear of sites that are less than safe and fair.

When we talk about licensing we are referring to the certificates or permits issued by regulatory bodies that regulate gaming operations locally, internationally or globally. These certificates are required to lawfully operate an online casino, and strict regulatory conditions will have to be met in order for them to be granted. Failure to meet these conditions means the permit could be revoked.

Casino Licenses Explained

If a company wishes to make commercial gambling services available, they’ll need a license to do so. These permits allow operators to provide gaming services within the jurisdiction governed by the certificate.

Licensing in online casinos is conditional, which means that brands need to cooperate with local and federal laws, submit to all the necessary taxation, and meet whatever conditions have been set by the national regulator. These warrants can be revoked if operators fail to comply with these conditions, and this type of certification is reviewed and renewed, or not, periodically.

What Do These Authorities Do?

They are federal governments with legislation enacted that gives them the right to allow and regulate gambling operations. Countries do this to generate revenue, and the authorities providing online casino licensing have historically been from smaller nations who are unsophisticated as far as their economy is concerned, and who have limited natural resources. A nation may also enact this legislation if it wants to start producing game software, or enter the industry in another way.

Nations with innate powers to provide online casino licensing are referred to as Online Gambling Jurisdictions. Within these dominions, you will generally find a big central organisation that issues and polices the license-holders. Sites that hold permits from one of these bodies can provide their services to the different gambling markets across the globe, whereas operating without one would render this an illegal act.

Operators looking to open a new site shop around in terms of these authorities in much the same way you and I do when we’re looking for a new place to enjoy Roulette, or bet on a Rugby game. Different criteria are in place for licensing in online casinos, which detail what the prospective licensee needs to do in order earn the right to operate.

Permit Criteria for NZ Sites

Every authority has different criteria that determine how sites can earn their credentials, and how they will need to operate to keep it. The top regulatory bodies for sites providing Internet-based gambling to players and bettors from New Zealand include:

Once a Netherlands protectorate, Curacao is now independent. It has been involved with issuing these kinds of permits since just before that, however, from the mid-1990s. It issues 2 types, a Master License and a Sublicense, and has gained a reputation as a trustworthy body with reasonable terms. They are one of the most popular authorities in the world, and boast hundreds of member sites.

A self-governed dependency of the British Crown, Gibraltar is one of the few territories still part of the old British Empire. It writes and enforces almost all its own laws, however, and has unique regulations in place in terms of gambling licenses, which they have been providing since 1998. Gibraltar is one of the most respected online casino licensing bodies worldwide, and consistently earns excellent reviews. Many of New Zealand’s biggest brands hold Gibraltar licensure.

This hidden paradise is a little-known island nations situated in the Mediterranean, something no doubt the Maltese hope remains that way! The vast majority of sites at which Microgaming’s games are offered hold a license with the Malta Gaming Authority, or MGA, thanks to a special deal that the software development company has in place with that government.

Now you know a bit more about licensing in online casinos you’ll know what to look out for when signing up with a site.