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Online Live Dealer Poker

While conventional RNG online games certainly have their place, if you want a more authentic, intimate gambling experience, live dealer Poker is the way to go. Live casino games combine the best of both worlds, as they provide a fully realistic land-based style of gambling with the convenience of being able to play on your desktop computer, or on your mobile.

If you love Poker and you want to know how the live version works, here is the information you need to get you started!

State of the Art Game Setup

Online live dealer games are unique in that they use real tables and cards to produce their results. This means you don’t have to rely on Random Number Generators to determine the outcome.

To put you in the heart of the action, live casinos use video streaming technology. When you log in, you are connected to a professional dealer who is based on a gaming floor or in a studio.

Multiple cameras are set up in the studio to give you a full view of the table and the cards during play. While the video feed only works in one direction, you can use the chat window to send messages to the other players at the table, or to the dealer.

Casino-Style Poker

Live dealer games like Poker uses a virtual betting software program that is integrated into the real time video feed. When you are ready to place a bet, you can click on the virtual chips located at the bottom of the feed and place them on the highlighted area by your username.

It is important to note that all live Poker variants are played casino-style. This means that you are competing against the dealer in each round instead of the players around the table.

Variations & Payout Ratios

There are a number of different live dealer Poker games available online. Some software operators offer more variations than others, so it is a good idea to find a casino that uses more than one provider. Each variant will have its own payout ratio, but they generally start at around 96% and go up to as much as 99.47%.

Popular options include:

Live Dealer Poker Pros and Cons

Playing live is far more interactive and social than playing at a conventional online casino. Live dealer Poker also uses real tables and real cards which provides completely random and unpredictable results. There is also the fact that you can play any time anywhere on your desktop or mobile.

The downside is that in most cases, only 7 players can be accommodated per table. This means you might end up waiting for an available seat before you play. The game is also played casino-style, which doesn’t suit those who are used to playing pot-style.

Tips and Tricks

Poker is like many other online live dealer games where the dealer controls all the action. This is why it is played casino-style. A good tip is to change your strategy accordingly. In pot-style games you can bluff or out-bet your opponent and take the pot with just a pair of 9s. This is not the case in the live version. In this version, your hand has to be better than the dealer’s hand to win. The key here is to know when to fold, and when to place the call bet when your hand is strong.

Top 5 Live Dealer Poker Casinos

If you are keen to get started playing live dealer Poker, we listed the top casinos that offer this immersive, entertaining and rewarding game.