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How the Best Freebet Welcome Offers Work

The top bookmakers attract punters in various ways, so the best freebet welcome offers take different forms. These welcome offers are complimentary bets given to you by the bookmaker.

If you place one and it wins, you receive only the profit it makes. If the welcome offer is a deciding factor when choosing a site at which to bet on your favourite sports, it is important to understand how they work. It can all seem murky and mystifying at first, but there is no need to worry, because we are here to explain what you can expect from this type of sports betting promotions on the worldwide web.

Offers At a Glance

The best freebet welcome offers are similar to the packages offered by the top online casinos. There are some brands whose bookmakers do not make any special offers to new punters, but whose gaming platforms do offer a casino bonus. Be aware, however, that you cannot exchange a game bonus for bets.

The types of welcome offers that you are most likely to see include:

First Deposit Bonuses

Modelled on a typical welcome casino bonus, first deposit rewards are not as widespread as they used to be. Bookmakers have moved toward best freebet welcome offers that are better suited to the experience enjoyed by punters.

The offer means that the bookmaker will match a percentage of your initial deposit with bonus money. The size of the percentage could be anything between 50% and 100% or more, although the bonus will be capped at a specific amount.

First Bet Matches

First bet matches are one of the most frequently made sports betting welcome offers. They are valid only for the very first bet you place at the bookmaker, so think carefully before making your choice.

The offer means that the bookmaker will match the first bet you place, doubling it, and giving you the chance to win twice as much as you would have done.


Some bookmakers will welcome you with a series of online sports betting freebets when you place your initial bet at their site. In most cases, not all these wagers will be available simultaneously.

Usually, you will receive 1 when you place your bet, and will only receive the next one when you use the first. You will receive your third once you have used the second, and so forth.

First Bet Win Bonuses

Another one of the less-common best freebet welcome offers, you will only receive it if the first bet you place wins. At most of the sites that offer such rewards, it will take the form of real money, although you may find those that award a specific number of wagers.

At some sites, promotions such like these are usually an additional perk of a bigger welcome package that can include other complimentary wagers.

What You Should Know

Online sports betting freebets come with various terms and conditions, some of which are specific to the offer. Ensure you always read the fine print before accepting any offers.

You may need to deposit a certain amount of money before being able to withdraw winnings from your account. You also may need to ensure the bet you want to place meets minimum odds and stake requirements. Some of the best freebet welcome offers are restricted to certain markets, and most, if not all, have expiry dates. These are just a few examples of restrictions of which you need to be aware.

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