The Casino Bonus

Welcome to the Casino World

For hundreds of years players have been enjoying games of chance, and Craps, Blackjack and Roulette all have long and storied histories. The introduction of the online casino has increased access to this kind of entertainment, and there are many more people who can now spin slots reels, or play pokies, as you would hear it said in casinos in New Zealand, bet on a variety of different table games at casinos in Canada both online and off, or enjoy a game of chance at historically significant UK casinos.

Gambling Down Under

There are a total of 6 land-based casinos in New Zealand, with the first one opening up as recently as 1994, but they have a thriving online scene, with pokies firmly established as the nation’s best-loved pastime. For this reason, most sites have a strong focus on these games, but the national obsession with them means you’ll be able to play them in pubs and bars in addition to land-based casinos and iGaming websites. Of course, other types of games are available too, but nothing beats spinning the reels in this part of the world.

Play and Win in Canada, Eh?

There are many casinos in Canada, thanks to its sheer size. Each of the land-based venues will be licensed according to which one of the 10 provinces they’re located in, and you’ll need to double-check the minimum age for gameplay for each, since it can be either 18- or 19-years. The wide open spaces this part of the world is known for means online casinos are often the only way people can play, so there’s a good mix of both brick-and-mortar and internet-based sites specifically geared to Canadians. Popular games include slots, Video Poker, and Craps, but you’ll be able to find just about anything you’re interested in at top venues.

Make a Mint in the UK

UK casinos have been offering luxurious, lavish gambling experiences to players for a long time now, and some of the oldest venues in the world can be found here. There are roughly 140 brick-and-mortar places to play across the United Kingdom, most of them in England, and a large chunk of these, around 25, are actually based in London itself. The online industry is also firmly entrenched here, and the biggest way it has impacted the land-based gambling sector is how much innovation it’s made space for. Players’ favourite genres, like slots, are changing, adding better features with more chances to win.

Land-based Rewards vs. Online Bonuses

This is perhaps the biggest difference between playing online games and enjoying real money entertainment at a land-based casino. Brick-and-mortar venues hand out comps like free accommodation, tickets to shows, and meals, but generally reserve these for High Rollers, ignoring the more conservative player. Online sites, on the other hand, have a casino bonus for everyone right from the start, built in to a Welcome Package to reward new players for signing up, and then will usually have an on going system of perks in place to ensure their new customers keep coming back.

These take different forms, ranging from Deposit Match bonuses that see the casino matching your first deposit to a certain percentage and up to a limit, to Free Spins on popular slots, and Loyalty Programmes that give players points every time they log in or make a bet. These tokens can then be exchanged after a certain amount have been collected for various prizes, including holidays, free play, and more, and are the type of casino bonus that rewards you for your loyalty.